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This episode explores pain, struggle, and how to turn both into amazing creative projects.

Whitney Cummings is a Los Angeles-based comedian, actor, writer and producer.

Whitney is executive producer and, along with Michael Patrick King, co-creator of the Emmy-nominated CBS comedy 2 Broke Girls, which was recently picked up for a fifth season.

She also wrote, produced and starred in Whitney, which aired on NBC from 2011 to 2013.

She has headlined with comics including Sarah Silverman, Louis C.K., Amy Schumer, Aziz Ansari, and others.

Her first one-hour stand up special, Money Shot, premiered on Comedy Central in 2010 and was nominated for an American Comedy Award. Her second stand-up special, Whitney Cummings: I Love You, debuted on Comedy Central in 2014 and she is shooting a third hour for HBO this August, which is set to air in 2016.

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"My lab is interested in pursuing how we can enhance cognition to improve quality of life."
- Adam Gazzaley

Dr. Adam Gazzaley (@adamgazz) obtained an M.D. and a Ph.D. in Neuroscience at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York, then postdoctoral training in cognitive neuroscience at UC Berkeley. He is now the director of the Gazzaley Lab at UC San Francisco, a cognitive neuroscience laboratory.

His recent studies go far beyond mere description — he and his lab are exploring neuroplasticity and how we can optimize cognitive abilities, even in healthy adults. So, what happens when you combine cognitive-focused video games with neurofeedback, magnetic and electrical stimulation, and even performance-enhancing drugs? Well, that’s just one of many things we cover in this conversation.

As someone with Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease on both sides of my family, I find Adam's work to be of incredible importance and promise.  I hope this discussion blows your mind, in the best way possible.


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Sam Kass almost became a pro baseball player.  Instead, he pivoted a history major into becoming the private chef for the Obamas in the White House.
He then broke into national nutrition policy and was named #11 on Fast Company magazine's 2011 list of "100 Most Creative People" for his work, which focused on establishing private-sector partnerships to reduce childhood obesity to just 5% by 2030.
His story is amazing, his career turns are unexpected, and his trials by fire are hilarious.  In this conversation, we talk about:
- Baseball and the art of fielding
- His odd leap to the culinary world and his escapades in Austria
- How he met the Obamas
- His favorite books, routines, and breakfast eggs
- Simple cooking tricks and common mistakes
- Nutrition, top-soil depletion, and organic food
- Why he doesn’t like black pepper
- And much, much more...
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Bryan Johnson is an entrepreneur and investor. He is the founder of OS Fund and Braintree, the latter of which was bought by eBay in 2013 for $800 million in cash.
Bryan launched OS Fund in 2014 with $100 million of his personal capital to support inventors and scientists who aim to benefit humanity by rewriting the operating systems of life.  He cultivates real-world mad scientists.
Our conversation includes his rags to riches story (and strategies), his philosophical hardwiring, negotiating/sales tactics, and even parenting.  We cover a ton of ground with a fascinating and deep mind.
Bryan's investments include endeavors to cure age-related diseases and radically extend healthy human life to 100+ (Human Longevity), make biology a predictable programming language (Gingko Bioworks & Synthetic Genomics), replicate the human visual cortex using artificial intelligence (Vicarious), mine an asteroid (Planetary Resources), reinvent transportation using autonomous vehicles (Mattternet), and reimagine food using biology (Hampton Creek), among others.
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This episode is intended to help you with unexpected problems that will crop up this week.

My guest is Ryan Holiday, who became Director of Marketing at American Apparel at age 21 (!). He’s a beast.

Since dropping out of college at 19 to apprentice under strategist Robert Greene (author of The 48 Laws of Power), Ryan has advised many New York Times bestselling authors and mega-multi-platinum musicians. He knows how to build massive buzz while responding to unexpected crises. He can compete or counterpunch with the best.

For this reason, I asked him to share one of his popular stories on Thomas Edison, as well as Jack Johnson and others.  If you want to thrive in high-stress environments, this is well worth the time.

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