The Tim Ferriss Show
Episode 3: Kelly Starrett and Dr. Justin Mager

This episode features two incredible guests: Dr. Justin Mager and Kelly Starrett. We all drink wine and get crazy.  

Dr. Mager is my personal doctor and has helped me with dozens of my crazy experiments, complete with blood testing and next-gen tracking. Kelly Starrett is one of the top Crossfit coaches in the world, and one of my favorite PTs and performance trainers. His clients include Olympic gold medalists, Tour de France cyclists, world and national record holders in Olympic lifting and powerlifting, Crossfit Games medalists, ballet dancers, and elite military personnel. If you're interested in taking your body or mind to the next level, or attempting to become the guy from Limitless, this episode is for you.


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Josh Waitzkin was the basis for the book and movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer." Considered a chess prodigy, he has learning strategies that can be applied to anything, including his other loves of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (he's a black belt under Marcelo Garcia) and Tai Chi Push Hands (he's a world champion).  Now, he spends his time coaching the world's top performers, whether Mark Messier, Cal Ripken Jr., or hedgefund managers. This episode is DEEP in the best way possible.  And for a change from Episode 1, I'm totally sober.

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I consider Kevin Rose one of the best "stock pickers" in the early startup game, and he can predict even non-tech trends with stunning accuracy. Kevin is a tech entrepreneur who co-founded Digg, Revision3 (sold to Discovery Channel), Pownce, and Milk (sold to Google). Since 2012, he is a venture partner at Google Ventures.  He's also a hilarious dude, and this episode involves heavy drinking.

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